The importance of background checks

An employee background check is quite important for several reasons. Firstly, you want to know if the prospective employee actually possesses the skills that he or she is being hired for. Checks need to be made on the past work history of the candidate as well, and the reasons why they left their previous jobs. There might be a possibility that the person sitting across the table in the interview is a criminal or a sex offender, someone whom you definitely do not want in the company.

What is done during employee background check?
Some of the most common things that will be routinely looked into during an employee background check are;

  • Past and present criminal records if any
  • Credits reports
  • Driving records
  • Verification of all personal credentials
  • Usage of social media and what kind of posts are in use
  • Previous work history
  • Reference checks with all the companies with whom the worker was associated in the past.

Why is it a good idea?
If you perform an employee background check, it means you’re trying to find out about the past of the employee, and if he is a good and upright one, he will not try and hide any facts from you. The records of criminals as well as sex-offenders are always checked thoroughly in the case of work in education as well as public safety. If the prospective employee is a felon, he might have certain vital information to withhold, and they are within their right to tell you so. For an employee background check, driving records are inspected for professional drivers as well as sales-people that need to drive on company business. In any case, having a background check done by agencies proficient to in doing the employee background check is always a far better idea than doing it yourself.

Options available for doing employee background check
Full-service Company: when you entrust them with a background check on someone, they take over the full burden of the investigation. All inspections of previous employment, criminal records, and other checks that you request will be made available at your request. Information cannot be obtained under duress, hence consent and compliance is sought from the person undergoing employee background check. These services are beneficial in the sense that ensuring legal compliance no longer is your headache. In addition a company of this type will go much deeper in its searches and also make them available online to you.

DIY websites: A DIY website can help you with an employee background check for an individual. With an operation which is quite like that of a search engine, they pull up all the relevant records at the click of a button. But there is absolutely no guarantee that what you see is true. Beware of harshly judging a candidate who is legitimate, but whose DIY profile showed otherwise. You would be doing him or her grave injustice.

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