Employee Screening and Background Check

Needless to mention, employee screening and background check is vital to the performance and reputation of a company. Employees form an integral part of any organization and therefore companies need to be extremely cautious at the time of hiring them. A dishonest and unfaithful employee may not only bring harm to the company’s reputation but can also indulge in fraudulent and theft related activities, which may further affect the organization’s performance at every level. However, employee screening is a time consuming and tedious process, which is precisely why organizations need to rely on a reputed and professional background verification company in India. Read on to learn more about the importance of employee screening and background verification.

The Need for Employee Screening
As part of offering background check solutions in India, employee screening companies look into an employee’s background details, educational qualification, employment history and criminal records. In fact, companies that offer professional and high-quality employment background check in India also perform reference check, criminal verification, database check and identity check to determine whether the employee is honest and worth hiring or not.

Educational Verification
As part of screening the right employees and performing an extensive background check, a background verification company in India verifies the certificates, educational qualification details and even training certifications of every prospective employee, thereby providing their clients with complete peace of mind and accurate information regarding their job applicants. Employee screening and background verification companies also offer reputation check services in India, which only aids organizations in hiring deserving, faithful and committed candidates.

Checking Past Employment Details
It is impertinent that organizations hire employees only after they’ve checked the past employment details of each and every candidate/job applicant. Thus, employment background check service providers not only scans a candidate’s employment history but also verifies other details pertaining to the candidate’s past employer, date of joining, job role, salary structure as well as reasons for resigning from the previous organization.

Criminal Record Check
It is equally important for companies to perform criminal verification and attain a clearance certificate from the police, even before they hire an employee. In fact, it is one of the most important steps to performing a background check on any given employee. Remember, an employee may be extremely good when it comes to performing his/her duties and may also possess exceptional educational qualifications and certificates but if he/she has had a past criminal record, then your organization could well face reputation and risk management related issues. Thus, it is necessary for organizations to check an employee’s past criminal records (if any) and acquire a clearance from the local police authorities and department.

Reference and Database Check
Apart from the above, organizations also need to perform reference and database check on potential candidates in case they’re planning to hire them. This would not only provide them with an insight into the candidate’s working style and habits but will also help organizations in ascertaining whether he/she has run into civil litigation and regulatory as well as compliance issues or not.

In addition to the above mentioned background verification procedures, organizations must also verify a potential candidate’s residence address and perform relevant media searches to ensure that he/she has earned a good reputation among their past employers and the society in general.

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