The Process of Background Checks Services in India

What is background verification services?

Background verification is the process of verifying the accuracy of the information provided by an employee or applicant on their resume or job application. This process typically includes verifying the individual’s education, employment history, and references.Before making a recruiting decision, a background check is deemed an essential pre-employment screening phase to safeguard the organisation against various potential threats. It is a comprehensive review of the commercial, financial, and, most significantly, criminal records of an individual or any other entity. Companies often assume that the applicants tell the truth about their resumes. The applicants are usually truthful, but there are few cases where the facts can be withheld from you.
Background verification services involve checking the credentials and background of potential employees, including their identity, employment background, address, CIBIL score, academic record, professional, specialised qualification, criminal record verification etc.

Background checks services in India gets different types of information regarding the prospective candidates such as:

Process of Background Checks Services in India

  • History of the past work
  • Residential proof
  • Educational credentials
  • Criminal records

The Process Of Background Checks Services In India

Before offering job to the prospects, all companies these days, runs such checks. As one wait to hear from the companies, they scan the career history of the individual. There is nothing called taking too much time in background screening. Statistics show that 1/10 candidates in the country lie about their educational qualifications on resume. Cases are rife with fake degrees acquired from unknown universities and the foreign land. Many wrap the certificate courses to present them as full-time degrees. Then there is the case of bogus resumes. With many such stories coming out, the role of the background check services in India is becoming more important by the day.

The checking process involves candidate screening with respect to college degrees, work history, legal records, academic certifications, and sometimes even the credit scores. On average, it is going to take 3-10 days but sometimes, the companies might want to have an in-depth knowledge regarding the history. In such cases, it will take more time and generally done for the hire at a senior level.

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