Why take up the certificate in anti & counter-terrorism studies course?

While terrorism is a vast and terrible business, anti–terrorism is here to mitigate the network and understand the strategies of this life taking business. The subject of terrorism goes beyond bombs, guns, as a layman would know and while a terrorist plans every step to create havoc or destruction, the certificate in anti & counter-terrorism studies acknowledges the part of security professionals to get an understanding of how to mitigate the network. Considered as a stand-alone certificate, ‘The Certificate in Anti & Counter-Terrorism Studies’ serves as a step up to bring one’s ability to apply counter-terrorism and security planning knowledge to real-life situations. From providing an understanding of the fundamental principles of security strategies to guiding the operations of the security firms, the course focuses on everything. The course specifically focuses on the context of fraternities from commercial and law enforcement sectors, at an unclassified level. ‘Certificate in Anti & Counter-Terrorism Studies’ provides a broad framework to International Terrorism and defines the similarities and differences from its strategic direction. To summarise, the course offers an in-depth understanding of a synergized collusion of coherent factors in the domain of terrorism. With a thorough insight into Ideology, funding, logistics, structure, network, and cell connectivity among groups within or outside the borders, the course provides strategic and operational guidance on all these concerns. The knowledge on these topics will aid analysts and security practitioners in understanding Pattern-Trends, and the evolving threat direction in the coming years.
The primary objective of the course is to equip the candidates with adequate knowledge to deter through protective–hardening measures, identify and manage threats before their arrival. In the long run, such skills are important to frontline responders to apply to policy formulation, reviews, and conduct of penetration tests. Technical aspects of Explosive Device (IED), the methods in which IEDs are employed against a target, assessing target strength and vulnerability, and the attack phases are the core focuses. Theoretical lessons are reinforced with discussions and Table-Top Exercises tailored towards prevailing IED and Terrorism-related scenarios. The course emphasizes Operation Security, interrogation techniques, Information Protection, and Security to combat terrorism. Besides, the course brings the strengths and weaknesses of counterterrorism tools, including intelligence, diplomacy, law enforcement, and military force to the forefront of the candidates to help them understand countermeasures and managing terrorists incidents. Know more

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