What is Cybersecurity? Everything You Need to Know

As the digital disruption continues to dive into unconquered technological areas, cyber crime also continues to mushroom its spread rapidly to find new ways to exploit technology to its benefit. In fact, last year witnessed a wave of cybersecurity attacks more advanced than ever before. One of the latest and highly sensitive was the uncovering of Pakistani and Indonesian hacking groups that were planning to disrupt the G20 summit in India with DDoS and mass defacement attacks. Imagine the potential security, financial and reputational implications of the attack had it not been timely mitigated. 

What is Cybersecurity Management?

Cybersecurity management includes a set of technologies, techniques, tools and measures to protect the internet-connected systems. These systems can be software, hardware or data vulnerable to cyberattacks. Cybersecurity management is crucial in the globally-connected world where every piece of information is digitised and securing its integrity, confidentiality and availability is a challenging task. Components of robust cybersecurity services provide a better security posture against fraudulent activities that are intended to destroy your systems and extort money out of them. 

There are different types of threats that a robust cybersecurity management structure must identify and update you-

  • Phishing
  • Malware
  • Data Breaches
  • DDoS Attacks
  • Insider Threats
  • Zero-Trust Vulnerabilities
  • Social Engineering

Why is Cybersecurity important?

As the world is moving towards a more remote and hybrid work culture, with cloud computing becoming a norm for daily operations, the growing volume of data over the internet has become vulnerable to cyber-attacks. This data includes sensitive information which when exploited can take down business giants, wage wars and cripple national security. From a specific entity’s point of view, a simple ransomware attack holds the power to make the company lose intellectual property affecting its finances, causing operational damage and reputational tarnishing.

Robust cybersecurity services protect a company, an individual and a country exactly what an attack is capable of exploiting.

Cybersecurity management comes with the benefits of-

  • Privacy Protection
  • Data Security
  • Business Continuity
  • Financial Security
  • Reputation Preservation
  • Intellectual Property Protection
  • Fraud Prevention
  • Legal Compliance
  • Securing Customer Trust
  • National Security
  • Business Growth
  • Digital Trust
  • Economic Stability
  • Cyber Resilience

A cyberattack has a long-lasting and far-reaching impact that can be both proactively identified, accessed, mitigated and prevented by investing in a reliable cybersecurity consulting firm. Netrika Consulting is one of the best cybersecurity companies in India that actively performs threat detection & analysis, and offers security consultation, and assessment to protect your digital assets from exploitation. Our pool of experts with their security awareness, threat intelligence, tools, and R&D contribute to your business’s security posture by integrating and tailoring cybersecurity management solutions to meet your unique needs. 

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