Usefulness of Mystery Shopping in India

Mystery shopping, also known as secret shopping, is a tool employed externally by market research companies, watchdog organizations, or internally by companies themselves for measuring service quality, or compliance with regulation, or to collect specific information regarding products and services. This is done to check how the salesperson at shops behaves and help the customers in buying products or availing services and if customers are facing any difficulties in doing shopping. Mystery shopping helps getting a clear picture of how everything is being carried on in a specific retail shop or in any company branch.

Why Mystery Shopping is Important?

It is important in the sense that one can witness personally how things are being done; customers are getting treated actually and the service quality of any retail shop, outlets or branch. Mystery Shopping can be defined in simple words as a process in which a person makes a visit to a retail store, restaurant, bank branch or any such location with the intention of measuring the quality of service and or product. Brand Protection Company in India applied this technique to help safeguarding their client’s brand image in the market. Mystery shopping allows companies and brand owners get actionable data, which will help them to know in exact terms how their customers experience their brand.

Corporate Sectors
Corporate Investigation Services in India might sometime use this technique to help them better what is actually happening in any company’s outlet or branch. If ever something wrong has already happened in your company by your employees or anyone, then corporate investigators can help you access the real picture of who did what.

Cyber Surveillance in India is used by non-government organizations also and corporate sectors too. It is not something people say loudly and brag about in public. This is done to monitor the internet traffic and make a check on what is being done and what are being sent over the computer network like Internet.

Your Company’s Reputation Checking
Reputation Check Services in India are carried on and being opted for by company owners to ensure that the reputation and goodwill of their brand and business is well maintained. They also might resort to mystery shopping technique if they feel the retail outlets are doing something or behaving in a certain way that is not working in favor of the company’s goodwill. They can collect live data and use them to improve the situation.

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