The need for strong anti-piracy legislature

Computer piracy is not the same as piracy on the high seas, but the effect is not much different. Instead of making off with the booty and leaving a ship ransacked, online computer piracy involves cracking the code of particular software and distributing the resultant vulnerable software on pirate channels for free download.

It is a problem that has been haunting the entertainment industry in general and the gaming industry in particular. By stealing intellectual property rights, the person or organization which created the software or application or game is left with nothing to speak of. Needless to say, this leaves them bankrupt and potentially destroyed. There are innumerable examples to back up this harsh truth.

Pirated software is flawed, of course. A great number of online programs are invulnerable to cracking, because the ID is stored on the server of the company, on which these pirates have no access. Standalone software that is cracked has a changed code and it can potentially malfunction, putting your device at great risk. This is because hackers and pirates do not care if their stolen goods are safe or not. They are uploading it on pirate servers which are available for free download. No money effectively translates to nil responsibility.

Piracy protection software is increasingly being used to counter the threat. Many DVD’s like the ones that play on X-Box and PS4 consoles, are equipped with serial numbers and security applications that are not prone to cracking attempts. That explains the cost of the DVD’s along with the spectacular content they boast of.

Anti-piracy laws need to be strengthened in order to make creative programmers and designers feel safe about the products they put their life and soul into for hope of remuneration. Netrika Singapore is committed to work with people like them to offer anti-piracy services in Singapore.

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