The Lowdown on Background Checks

If human capital can be an organizations greatest asset, it also has to potential to be its greatest liability. There are innumerable cases to cite which prove that fraudulent employees are the biggest weakness an organization can have. Search online and you will get to know of horror stories where the lack of background verification led to huge losses for the company or organization in question.

Consider your own organization; what are the policies and procedures in place to ensure that your hiring program is in fact doing a stellar job of protecting and building on human assets? If you do not have a background check process in place, consider;

  • The percentage of applicants who include false information on their resumes is in the double digits.
  • There are thousands of online sources that provide false diplomas, degrees and other forms of educational qualifications in return for a fee. Even professional references can be bought at the click of a button.
  • About 10% of the working population has a criminal record.

If you have a solid recruitment program with the inclusion of well -balanced background checks, it will assist in minimizing turnover and liability exposure. If your background check process consists of a few preemptory enquiries and telephone calls to the names and numbers that your applicant provided, then your organization needs a stringent background check firmly in place for new hires and promotions. It may seem odd, but if you are running a full range of searches on every candidate, you might be creating a liability unintentionally.

Here is what you should consider;

  • Do you require a background check policy? Unforeseen tragic events, financial losses and the nature of the business climate are such that not doing proper background verification in India turns out to be a very expensive mistake. Background checks are part of the employment culture in all big companies. Just because a company is small does not mean that background checks are not necessary. On the contrary a small business needs top of the line and honest employees more as there is the existence of the company at stake here.
  • Who to check is the next question. In a bet case scenario there should be checks on all temporary staff, new hires and contractors. The company does not need to absorb the whole cost of the background check campaign, There are reputable background verification checking companies that can do the job for you at a pre-arranged rate. It is best to include all employees of the organization and run background checks on each and every one to be sure and satisfied.

Most of the background checking service providers will create different search packages to address your specific requirements. In case your policy involves different levels of screening for top slots in the company, it becomes critical to keep the searches consistent with the job category. If you have the policy of promoting candidates from within, remember that the background check on the candidate that was done previously for the lesser position may not be enough for the new position. A lot of companies adopt the policy of running criminal background checks as a part and parcel of their of the employee review process. Repeating educational qualification checks may not be necessary but running a current criminal background check is quite important for you to stay in the clear and breathe easy.

You might ask what searches you should include. That answer lies with your basic judgment but there are some guidelines that can assist you. The background check should be relevant in regard to the position and also be thorough in nature. Also it must stop short of falling in to the unreasonable demands category. It is viewed as a certainty that criminal background checks are a must for having a safe working environment both for the sake of your business as well as the other employees in the workplace.

The searches that the background screening company in India does will have to rely a great deal on the information provided by the prospective employee, however this should not constitute the sole source. Each and every check should be inclusive of the address provided by the employee and the criminal history search should be based on that. If the provided address matches the true address it alright, if not you have the right to ask the employee the records are not matching. The criminal history search should be on two levels-local and national. With all the various scams and scamsters abounding, you can never be too sure of whom you hire.

Driving licenses are another thing to check when the employee to be hired will be entrusted with driving in some capacity or the other. It might be related to a sales or a delivery based job. It is important for the employee to have a relatively infringement free driving license as this bodes well for both him and the company. You as the owner of the company will be safe in the assumption that the employee is a safe driver and that he is unlikely to create an accident or traffic violation if his driving records are clean.

Checking against national databases like the Adhaar card and the PAN card is another good way of screening employees. The company whom you entrust the background verification in India with will have the resources to run checks based on these parameters. As the owner of the hiring company you will be protected against false or doctored applications with the entrustment of the background verification services to a third party company.

Netrika Consulting is a reputable and well known background verification company in India having top clients in their resume. If you want both professional work as well as peace of mind, you would do well to consult this company as they have an excellent track record of checking all the right boxes when it comes to employee screening. They have formidable resources that you would really do well to hire for complete peace of mind regarding employee hiring issues.

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