The Importance and Need for Brand Protection

The internet offers a lot of scope and ambitious space for expansion and marketing of a brand digitally but it also has its pitfalls. If you are the owner of a brand and want to market it in a secure manner, there has to be a strong measure of security to protect your brand name from malicious intent.

One of the most primary means of protecting a brand is to register the domain first and foremost. It comes with a lot of benefits. Protecting the brand with the help of domain registrars ensures that you can register for a wide number of international as well as generic domains that come with affordable packages. The greater the number of domains that you have that have your brand name, the lesser the chances of individuals sullying the brand by false association. It also means that your customer base will expand, because you are now international.

If a company is engaged in selling the products of your brand, they might make a false claim that they are partners with your company. Their activities may include using websites that have your brand name to advertise completely unrelated products and services that you are not associated with. This false association clouds the perception of the buying public, and once you have your name tarnished, it is quite difficult to recover from that blow. You will never be seen with the same trusting eyes again and that is how human psychology works.

You also need to keep an eye out for cyber squatters. The Anti cyber squatting Consumer Protection Act defines this as registering a domain name with the trademark or the brand which belongs to someone else, and then offering to sell the domain to the company or the person at very high and inflated prices. Netrika Singapore takes care of brand protection in Singapore quite effectively, and you can safely entrust them to watch your back while you attend to more important work.

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