How to Plug Data Leaks with Data Leakage Prevention?

Company data leakage and data loss is a growing threat by the day as more methods exist now than ever before to ferret out information from the annals of a company database. As more systems and methods are getting introduced for the purpose of data sharing, it also raises the risk of loss of data by data leakage.

The advances made in technology have always been a double edged sword for people in responsible positions within any organization or enterprise. The presence of remote access devices as well as a huge variety of removable storage devices like flash drives, micro SD cards and iPods, which are increasing storage options with reduction in size, makes the job of data leakage prevention even tougher.

The ramifications of data leakage are huge. They not only bring about financial loss, but also herald mistrust of employees, loss of faith in the company, dip in stock prices and valuation and lesser clients than before. Needless to say all of the above have very serious consequences for any company that has painstakingly built up a reputation over the course of many years with good and solid hard work. Legal liability is another scary consequence of data leakage and this can cost the company untold sums of money in the courtrooms.

Common ways of data leakage:

  • Unauthorized access of networks and facilities by personnel within the company is a potential data loss scenario.
  • If the organization does not explicitly specify to its employees which information is classified and cannot leave the premises in any form, manner or way, there exists a huge chance that a dishonest person will try to take advantage of this laxity.
  • Unobtrusive and small, removable storage media is the biggest possible threat to an organizations’ confidentiality and privacy, and this unfortunately happens through the hands of employees with a hidden agenda.
  • Loss of portable devices that carry sensitive media is another thing to guard against. Complacency is out.

Data Leakage Prevention is a cutting edge technology which if wielded effectively can see to it known content is carefully monitored and prevented from leaving the physical premises of the enterprise through routes such as e-mail attachments, the Internet, or Instant messaging applications like Skype. DLP has the tools and technology required to go ahead with content filtering and content monitoring. It keeps a close eye on what content leaves the organization and through which medium.


Data leakage prevention has to be deployed across all channels of communication for it to be an effective deterrent against data loss and data theft. Netrika Consulting is adept at data leakage prevention and its team of experts is always equipped with the right tools to enforce Data Leakage prevention.

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