How are new tools used in Business Intelligence Research?

Business intelligence is the real-time, past as well as well as present information that assists business analysts to look into past/current activities of the company in order to help in predicting the future course of the organization. Business intelligence research in Singapore is quite significant, because the country is well known as a harbor for many top companies.

Here are the tools that assist business intelligence research;

  • Local Information Systems: It is also known as Data Observatory or Community Information systems. In the global market, LIS has many applications and they are involved in supporting geographic reporting of company operations. Functions of LIS many a time overlap with the features present in Knowledge Management Tools or Geographic Information Systems. LIS provides region specific data which can be used by data experts, policy makers or managers.
  • Business Performance Management: Also known as BPM, this tool is a set of analytical and management functions that are created to help smoothen the improvement of processes in a company. These processes are in line with the goals set by the company.
  • Process Mining: This is a management technique allowing those who make decisions to analyze the business process with help from event logs. Event logs are made from the company’s event system and the broad aim of this tool is to help in the improvement of overall performances. This method is used when conventional methods are not successful in giving an insight into the company process.
  • Dashboards: this is a real-time data interface, giving analysts a quick view of current status of the organization. They are quite heavily used to assist in instant decision making, a critical job in any company of note.
  • Online Analytical Processing: OLAP is so designed as to help its users in an interactive manner to sift through inter-dimensional data. Its key support is rational reporting and data mining. OLAP performs functions like drill-down, consolidation and slice ’n’ dice.

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