Evolution of Background Check: What Makes it More Important Than Ever?

Is the highly-qualified professional that you are about to hire trustworthy? When you hire new employees for your organization it is essential to have proper information regarding their experience and history- this is where pre-employment background check companies find their importance. The check provides a relevant picture of their stated qualifications, required credentials and performance so that you take the best and informed hiring decisions.

Key Aspects of Background Check
There are four fundamental aspects of background check and these are:

1. Criminal History Check
The criminal history check emphasizes on two basic records i.e. convictions and non-convictions. These records are subject to the legal restrictions under the governing authority. The conviction cases involve misdemeanors, felonies and other form of convention at the country and state level. While checking such records, investigators of Netrika even look for alternate entities, name or sex in the offender registries.

On the other hand, non-conviction records represent warrants, dismissed charges, arrests and other forms of judgments that did not result into any conviction. These cases are usually reportable by background check companies for employees, where in certain situations the event might take the form of conviction later, like when an individual is found guilty after dates of court trail.

2. Financial Information
Having a look into the financial records of a potential employee can speak volumes about their reliability, lifestyle and judgment. For example, if a professional has been charged with financial liens or bankruptcy then it clearly means they are not great with managing funds. Moreover, the presence of many liabilities with their name would indicate shady and risky financial dealings.

3. State Licenses
The license can be a good medium for verifying the qualification and extracting contextual information regarding their character. Some of the basic license checks that can be performed with the help of employee background screening by Netrika, depending upon the needs of your company are:

  • Medical License:  The kind of license that the professional owns and its current status.
  • Lawyer: From where and when did they pass the bar exams and whether they can still practice their profession as a lawyer or not.

Along with this, you can confirmation or transcripts of their enrollment from colleges and universities to verify their grades, credits and other educational credentials.

4. Previous Employment
Majority of the cases show that falsified information about previous employment is an emerging concern for various companies. The past work indeed provides a detailed in-sight into loyalty and stability, but when the information is manipulated there are many things that can go wrong. Thus, counting on the best background check companies in India is a must, as this verifies their beginning and final day at the earlier job, rehire eligibility, reason to leave the job, the job duties and titles held.

Reasons To Run A Background Check
Performing a background check with the help of Netrika allows you to:

  • Improve the safety and security
  • Reduce the expenses of firing and hiring
  • Reduces violence, theft and fraud
  • Creates an efficient and reliable workforce
  • Ensures proper compliance in accordance with industry standards

Contact Netrika today and take advantage of the superior employee background screening and vendor due diligence that helps you determine whether the one you believe is the ideal match for the job stands to be perfect or not!

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