Employee Background Checks Services in India – What does this Involves?

Different types of information regarding the candidates will come up in the course of employee background checks services in India. This is because the service providers will look at all types of information to authenticate your resume.

They will go through the following in the course of their checking:

  • Public records of the individual: it is easy for the companies to access the criminal history and the court records of the individual because of their networking contact with various law enforcement agencies.
  • The work history: in keeping with the requirements of the client, the background check services dig up even the oldest information regarding the prospects such as the list of the past employers, the dates of employment with these employers, post hold in companies, conduct in course of the past employments, performance history, the pay packages, and more. They will also conduct tests to make sure that the candidate is not a drug user.
  • Verification of the address: one might think that why would anyone lie about the address but this also happens quite commonly. A person trying to hide the past will do everything possible to make sure that the employer remains in the dark. This is not going to happen with the employee background checks services in India.

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