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Digital Forensics Services For Organizations In India

In a report by the Indian Computer Emergency Incident Team (CERT-in), a total of 13,91,457 cyber security cases were reported in the year 2022, and the Indian Digital Forensics Market is expected to undergo a massive growth in CAGR of ~16% by 2028. 

It is evident from the increasing number of cybercrime incidents across the country. One of the most notable incidents is the UIDAI Aadhar Software Hack, which affected the privacy of 1.1 billion Indian citizens. The data breach resulted in the leakage of confidential information related to Aadhar cards, including bank details, PAN, IFSC codes, and other personal information. The Aadhar database was compromised due to a software patch that disabled critical security features such as biometric authentication and GPS security. This led to the generation of unauthorised Aadhar numbers, which further aggravated the issue.

Hence, the Digital Forensic market in India has been making successive changes, such as integrating artificial intelligence (AI) & machine learning (ML), leveraging techniques like log analysis and data recovery, and incorporating cloud-based services to enhance the digital forensics ecosystem. 

Digital forensics is an investigative branch that collects, analyses, and presents digital evidence, such as user behaviour and system data. Digital forensics is widely utilised in litigations, regulatory investigations, internal company investigations, criminal activities, and other digital investigations to unearth what transpired on a computer system, network device, phone, or tablet.

As digital technologies improve, companies and individuals risk losing important data and personal information to cyber attackers. Organisations require sophisticated and advanced security technologies and solutions to protect their sensitive data from cyber intruders. This is precisely where they want the assistance of reputable digital forensics services in India

The Value of Digital Forensics Services

Organisations of all sizes and shapes require advanced cyber security solutions to mitigate cyber risks and safeguard crucial data and information. Organisations must recognise that any delay in responding to a cyber attack incident can result in significant financial and reputational harm. They can, however, tackle such risks and incidents with a streamlined strategy by consulting an experienced and well-regarded digital forensic investigator service in India. 

Netrika Consulting is one of the most prominent agencies in India with extensive expertise and understanding of cyber crimes and incidents. It provides digital forensics solutions that allow organisations to investigate cyber attacks, bring the perpetrators to books and incorporate proactive and preventive measures against cyber attacks.

Digital Forensic Science Protection for Your Organisation

A cyber forensics services provider delves into every aspect of digital security to secure your business from cyber criminals, minimise the damage of a cyber attack, and protect the company from any future cyber risk and event. Netrika Consulting, the best digital forensics and cyber security agencies, offer a variety of solutions, including extraction & analysis of data, disk imaging & investigation, mobile forensics (Android/Apple), cloud-based analysis, email investigation, social media discovery, network forensics & analysis, video/Image forensics, digital crime scene response, forensic and investigation training. Organisations can customise these services based on their unique needs and the type of cyber attack.

How Can Cyber Forensics Investigator Services Help?

Digital forensics is the extraction of data and information from storage media, as well as the verification of its reliability and accuracy. Organisations can utilise digital forensics services to demonstrate that a cybercriminal used certain equipment to carry out fraudulent actions. In fact, digital forensics is commonly utilised for probing business cyber fraud and network intrusions. As a result, digital forensics professionals assist organisations in mitigating the impact of any cyber theft or event. Digital forensics investigators also employ reactive, predictive, and thorough approaches for restoring normalcy, as well as determining the root causes of any security incident. As a result, these professionals undertake disc, mobile, and network forensics, predictive and malware analysis, and network log correlation to better understand the scope and source of the incident.

The Value of Digital Forensics for Your Organisations

To reduce cyber threats, organisations require advanced and impactful digital forensics and incident response solutions. A robust digital forensics strategy not only helps organisations reduce such instances but also helps them improve their productivity. These solutions also help organisations ensure the security of confidential data and information while also improving regulatory and legal compliance.

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