Need of Cyber Forensic Services in IndiaCLPOS – Certified Loss Prevention and Operations Specialist

This is one of the critical pillars in the Bundle of Corporate Security Management. An individual getting a certification for Loss prevention and Operations specialist earns an edge over the others in her/his environment. This is a 3-day course and is divided in two parts:

  • Certificate in Physical Security & Operations Management
  • Certificate in Loss Prevention Management

Part 1
Certificate in Physical Security & Operations Management
This certification covers the unleashing the best of the skills in man, machine and the methodology in the best permutation and combination with the tangible security devices or solutions. We will also educate on the possibilities for policies and procedures in security operations

Modules of the Program

  • Facility Security Operations
  • Security Management Operational Robustness
  • Reverse Engineering Security Operations
  • Security Operation Management Excellence
  • Physical Security Management
  • Physical Security Layers
  • CPTED in Physical Security Management
  • Physical Security Budgeting and Costing

Part 2
Certificate in Loss Prevention Management
This part of the training is focused more on the awareness, assessment and management of the risk as the impact of losses is way too serious to be ignored. This focusses on the proactive approach but gets you ready for the reactive approach if ever needed. The focus in this part is on a 360 degrees approach towards loss prevention for various segments such as BFSI, Transport, Manufacturing and the list goes on.


  • Loss Prevention Management
  • Loss Prevention (as it is and into the future)
  • Understanding Risk & Threat
  • Loss Prevention Audit and Assessment
  • Loss Prevention Awareness for Employees
  • Approaches in Loss Prevention
  • Loss Prevention Gap Analysis
  • Implementation of a Rebust Loss Prevention Management

The successful completion of both the parts i.e. test is passed, and the mandatory assignment is completed, reveals the enhanced competence of the security portfolio of the supply chain which will lead you to be designated as Certified Loss Prevention & Security Operations Specialist by CIISCM carrying the credential CLPOS to your name.

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