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Mystery Shopping – Netrika Consulting

Mystery Shopping is a marketing strategy leveraged by companies who want to research or measure a newly launched product and track the quality of their customer service, sales, and employee performances from a shopper’s eye. 

While mystery shopping is common to the retail industry, other industry verticals are also harnessing the potential and benefits of this marketing strategy to measure customer needs, response and employee behaviour to fill in gaps, make shopping a pleasurable experience for customers, improve customer loyalty and boost their revenue. 

Advantages of Mystery Shopping for Companies

Using mystery shopping is quite advantageous for companies who wish to evaluate the state of their customer service. Industries that use mystery shoppers are usually retail ones, but other industries also stand to gain from mystery shopping.

Let us dive into the 5 most prominent advantages of mystery shopping.

➔ You can evaluate how your staff is performing with the help of mystery shopping. Your staff may have been trained with various standard operating procedures, but you need to ensure they follow their instructions. Using a mystery shopper, you can assess staff performance and see if they are communicating the brand promise you want your company to promote.

➔ You can use mystery shoppers to assess how your competitors are doing. You can get a glimpse into the daily operations of rival companies, and based on this, you can tweak your business to attract more customers. You can adapt your business and services by using mystery shoppers to check out the competition.

➔ One of the most significant advantages of mystery shopping is that you can see your business from the standpoint and perspective of the customer. Mystery shoppers can offer constructive criticism on the state of services and customer care, and you can thus improve your SOP based on the feedback of mystery shoppers.

➔ You can use mystery shoppers to assess new protocols and business procedures that have recently been implemented. You can measure the effect these procedures have on the customer by enlisting the help of mystery shoppers.

➔ As an organisation, it is crucial to adhere to standard protocols. This helps to mitigate risks and also enhances the performance of your staff. Mystery shoppers can help to monitor compliance across your organisation with the help of their feedback.

The need for mystery shopping can be directly linked to the statistics that 90% of customer who have a bad experience shopping with a company will not complain but instead move to its competition for their shopping needs. Therefore, customer loyalty and providing services and products that retain a customer are of prime importance for a business. Mystery shopping fills that void effectively by analysing customer service by collecting data, creating a report and suggesting potential strategies to overcome their loopholes. 

Netrika Consulting is one of the best companies that provides expert mystery shoppers to organisations. Our mystery shoppers understand that every business’s needs are unique and need a tailored approach. Thus, they identify the business type, its market standing, and competitors, then evaluate employee interactions of the company before forming a report that offers valuable insights into customer-employee interactions. 

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is meant by mystery shopping?

Mystery shopping is a practice where businesses hire individuals to act as secret shoppers to gather information about the quality of customer service. Although mystery shopping can provide valuable insights, it can also be seen as unethical because it relies on deception.

Q2. What is the mystery shopping method?

The mystery shopper method is a research technique used to evaluate the quality of service or compliance with standards. It involves having an individual pose as a customer or client and interact with a business to assess the quality of service.

Q3. How does mystery shopping work?

Mystery shopping, facilitated by Netrika Consulting, involves hiring individuals to anonymously evaluate service and product quality, offering detailed feedback on their experiences in different establishments.

Q4. How is mystery shopping done?

Mystery shopping, conducted by Netrika Consulting, entails hiring individuals to anonymously assess service and product quality, providing detailed feedback based on their experiences in various establishments.

Q5. What is the mystery shopper method of research?

Mystery shopping, conducted by Netrika Consulting, entails hiring individuals to anonymously assess service and product quality, providing detailed feedback based on their experiences in various establishments.

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